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About Nuffield Canada

The Canadian Nuffield Agricultural Scholarship Association (Nuffield Canada) was formally incorporated on March 5th, 1986 and operates as a registered non-profit.

The organization has changed and evolved but continues to focus on the goal of attracting scholars who are ready to challenge themselves in a program of international travel and study. The experience results in personal and professional benefit, while adding value to Canadian agriculture.

Nuffield Canada is part of the larger Nuffield International community which has grown to include Australia, Ireland, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe. In addition, Nuffield International leads efforts to support the engagement of the program into new countries including Brazil, Chile, South Africa, and the United States of America. Scholarship recipients become a member of the global Nuffield alumni network, more than 2,000 strong, who in return host and help current traveling scholars.

Each year Nuffield Canada awards numerous scholarships valued at $20,000 CAD to Canadians with a passion for agriculture.  The scholarship requires a minimum of 10 weeks travel for the purpose of study within 24 months.  Recipients can come from any field of agriculture including livestock, grain or vegetable production, forestry, horticulture and may have a variety of roles within the industry including owners, managers, employees, administrators or civil servants.


The Nuffield name and emblem, a bull riding a bicycle, both derive from the late Lord Nuffield.

Born in 1877, near Worcester, William Morris was a grandson of a farmer. His journey began when he lived and worked in Oxford. Morris realized at an early stage in his businesses development that he should seek best practice in this new industry. He successfully took on Henry Ford with a new car, the Morris Cowley, mass produced on American principles. Morris continued to travel, seeking new ideas and markets. 

Financial success brought William Morris social recognition; he was a chronic hypochondriac and conscious of his lack of education, eager to support the research of eminent physicians and gave generously to Oxford University, whose graduates had first brought him cycles and cars to mend. As a leading industrialist and philanthropist, he was ennobled as Lord Nuffield. It is estimated that during his lifetime he was able to give away more than £30,000,000 GBP.

In 1943, he established the Nuffield Foundation whose objective included agricultural advancement. In 1950, the Nuffield Foundation started a parallel scheme covering farmers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, the Rhodesia’s and Tanganyika. These Scholars came to Britain for a study period of six months. In 1976, the Foundation asked those countries still in the scheme to fund their own awards. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors govern, make decisions on behalf of, and implement Nuffield Canada's strategic direction. 

Chair - Steven Larocque, AB

Vice Chair - TBD

Secretary/Treasurer - Ryan Boyd, MB

Directors (East)                Directors (West)
Ellen Crane, PEI                Greg Braun, MB
Steven Wolfgram, ON
Josh Oulton, NS

Director at Large

E. Blake Vince, ON
Mark Brock, ON 

Executive Director - Theresa Whalen, Ottawa, Ontario

70+ years of


in fostering agricultural leadership and personal development through international study

Support from our Alumni Scholars

Nuffield Canada’s ability to remain a vibrant organization is due, in large part, to the generous contributions of time, money and professional resources from many of our scholars. The Nuffield Canada Board of Directors consists of former scholars, volunteering their time to the direction and administrative guidance of the organization. 

Nuffield Canada presents the William Morris Certificate in recognition of those who have made

contributions of $10,000 or more. To date, William Morris Certificates have been presented to:

Larry Yeo
Alfred Smith
Wally Doerksen
Mac Sprowl
Jack & Donna Rigby
Joe & Joan Linnell

Jim Halford

Art Petkau

Kelvin & Shelley Meadows

Ian MacPhadden

Harold Perry

Rodney & Shelley Bradshaw

Grant & Gayle Ketcheson

Dan Cornwell 

If you are interested in contributing to Nuffield Canada, in any capacity, please contact us.

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